Homeopathic Cures For Rosacea

For those inclined towards western medicine, homeopathic cures for rosacea may not seem like a viable option. But homeopathy was founded by a German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann, in 1796. It works upon the premise that given the right stimulation, our body has the ability to cure itself. So by  firing up the immune system we can overcome almost any problem or disease. The way this is done is by treating “like with like”. So by  using a small amount of certain substances which, if given in larger doses would actually cause the problem, we kick start our defense mechanisms into recognizing and eliminating the unwanted condition.

A consultation for homeopathic cures for rosacea will typically cover a holistic rather than symptomatic approach. You will be assessed on things like lifestyle, temperament, quality of sleep and what your life was like leading up to your complaint.

An example of indications for rosacea might be:

  1. stature, build, complexion and stamina
  2. how inclined you are to be anxious, irritable or unhappy
  3. characteristics of the disease itself

Once the assessment is complete, your homeopathic physician might prescribe something like this for acne rosacea:

  1. Calc sulph 6 for skin eruptions, acne and itching
  2. Nat mur 30, a deep-acting remedy

You would take the above three times daily for the first week, then decrease the dose for Nat mur 30 to three times weekly while leaving the Calc sulph 6 the same. It would be emphasised that you should take these at least half an hour before meals to allow them to achieve maximum effect.

At first, you might expect a flare up of your symptoms but this is actually a positive indication that treating “like with like” is working.

homeopathy rosaceaYou should also be aware that although homeopathic cures for rosacea don’t work immediately, they are likely to produce a far better result than pharmaceutical creams and lotions in the long run. Your symptoms should gradually subside and your skin should become less dry and rough while the itchiness, redness and burning sensations should abate.    Eventually, you can anticipate no longer needing any kind of treatment.

Other Homeopathic Cures for Rosacea

1. When redness and burning are your main symptomsAgaricus muscarius

2. When pimples and pustules are presentPsorinum, Silicea, Eugenia Jambos or Carbo veg.

3. When enlarged blood vessels are presentCarbo vegetabilis, or Lachesis mutus when the skin has a purplish blue or marbled appearance.

4. When thickening of the skin has occurredHydocotyle asciatica or Sarsaparilla officinalis

5. When you have rosacea in the eyesEuphrasia officinalis, or Cantharis vesicatoria if sun exposure exacerbates the condition. Bovista lycoperdon is also useful when eye makeup causes problems.

Please bear in mind that the above homeopathic cures for rosacea are the most commonly used preparations for various types of the condition. To experience the best results, consultation with your homeopathic physician is highly recommended because then you’ll receive an holistic approach that is individually tailored to your own needs and circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Homeopathic Cures For Rosacea

  1. Natural remedies are best to be used as first aid. They are better effective and cure in very lesser time. I myself have experienced it.

  2. I have a mild flare up of my Rosacea…I don’t want to be on antibiotics or creams with chemicals…would like to try homeopathic cute.

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