Natural Remedies for Rosacea

There are many reasons why natural remedies for rosacea are preferable to pharmaceutical ones. For one thing, they cost much less and are readily available, you don’t need to pay a physician to write a prescription for them – and most importantly, they are non toxic and leave no side effects. These types of remedies adopt a wholistic approach to clearing up your rosacea symptoms, so the overall result is much better for you.

Unfortunately, since it is not a contagious or life threatening condition, rosacea is not one of those health areas that the medical profession has done a lot of research into. Nevertheless, from the natural therapist’s point of view, rosace could be considered to be life threatening. The reason is, that you skin is often a reflection of your inner health. The skin is your body’s largest organ and some have even referred to it as “the third kidney” – because it’s the alternative way (after your two kidneys) that your body uses to purify your blood and expel toxins, through sweating. So if you skin is erupting, it’s usually a sign that something is not right deeper within.

So a decision to use natural remedies for rosacea instead of creams and antibiotics that only attempt to alleviate the symptoms, has more advantages than you may imagine.

The Best Natural Remedies for Rosacea That Have Worked for Me

Getting your insides right is the most important thing. Your skin will soon reflect this. After that, we can focus on what happens on the surface of your skin. So we need to start with a good internal detoxifier and cleanser – something to give your immune system a fighting chance. In this regard, we recommend Olive Leaf Extract.

Next thing in your list of natural remedies for rosacea, is to concentrate on improving your gut flora. This can get out of balance for any number of reasons but particularly after taking a course of antibiotics. If you suffer from rosacea and been to the doctor, it’s quite possible that you may have already tried antibiotics which kill the friendly bacteria along with the bad ones. But these “good bacteria” are vital and if you don’t have them, your skin condition may reflect this. So here’s the next ingredient you need:- Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

Cleansing your system is one thing – building it up with good nutrients is another. Get hold of a good mineral supplement to help your immune system and overall health. Be careful though – not all mineral supplements are the same quality. Some in fact, are not much better than “crushed rocks”. You need to find one which is “bio-available” and comes from organic plant based ingredients. With these, the plants have already done the hard work for you by processing the minerals into a form that is compatible with your organic being. Next thing is to concentrate on the “absorption factor”. It is well known that colloidal minerals (minerals in liquid form) have the highest absorption (about 93%) while other tablet forms such as chelated minerals have about 60% absorption. Some of the cheaper brands are a waste of money – you get as low as 3% absorption from them.

Your body needs at least 60 minerals and trace elements every day in order to stay healthy, long term. A good mineral supplement will help your body to regenerate and repair itself – and this is an essential factor in reducing inflammation and clearing up your skin.

Natural Remedies for Rosacea You May Like to Consider

The following is a list of in-depth articles on various ways to treat rosacea naturally. You will find articles on essential oils, homeopathic remedies, rosacea diets, herbal remedies and natural supplements and other substances that can be taken to cleanse and detox your system, allowing you to target the source rather than the symptoms of your problem.